Super Stable Sippy Cup with Straw, 200ml, Scruff


  • We wanted to design a cup which was nice and simple without being wobbly and easily ‘knock-over-able’, having spent more than a few hours on the floor with kitchen roll!
  • Valves in straws make it difficult to suck so they were out – instead we made the cup convert to an open cup so that open sipping (much better for orthodontic development) could be encouraged as they become more able.
  • And, by making the insides curved it meant that the straw could always reach the drink.

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  • Fun training cup which grows with your child
  • Converts from lidded cup to open tankard for open sipping as user becomes more able
  • Wide ‘anti-topple’ base for stability
  • Curvaceous interior and flexible straw to reach the last few drops
  • Free flowing straw (no valve)
  • Capacity: 200ml

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