Herobility Eco Baby Bowl mangkuk makan Anak Bayi – Pink


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Herobility Eco Baby Bowl A plate for every occasion The Eco Baby Bowl from Herobility is perfect for yoghurt, oatmeal or more or less any type of food. Thanks to the high vertical edges, it’s easier to keep the food in the bowl, designed to simplify mealtimes for both you and your baby. Made from corn, making it the best option for your baby and our planet. Eco Baby Bowl comes with a lid that makes saving leftovers a snap. The bowls are stackable to take up less space in your cabinets. Combine with our Baby Placemat to make the bowl suction to the table. Or use it by itself, the silicone ring at the bottom will make the bowl harder to push across the table. The lid makes it super easy to save food waste. Of course, both the dish and the lid are safe to use in a dishwasher, microwave and freezer. Our Eco-line is made with corn and therefore a little kinder to the environment. The corn starch is extracted after the parts of the corn that can be eaten are taken care of. The corn starch is then converted into bioplastics. As the corn grows, carbon dioxide is absorbed from the atmosphere, which contributes to reduced climate impact. The material can be recycled through industrial composting – ask at your local recycling center.

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