Easy Scoop Children’s Cutlery Set with Travel Case, Scruff


  • We’re originally from Sheffield, so cutlery is our thing!
  • When our kids were little we struggled to find decent kids’ cutlery set that wasn’t either a scaled down version of grown ups cutlery or gimmicky with funny shaped handles which were difficult to hold
  • Most importantly, they needed to be able to keep food on their forks, so we designed a bowl shaped fork to contain rolly stuff like peas
  • The knife blade shape needed to contact with the plate properly to act as a ‘pusher’ – not too sharp, not too blunt
  • Then all was missing was the fun – so we added a character to the handles which could be made into a picture!
  • And a handy travel case for on the go dining is just the ticket!

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  • Is that a nose I can see, some eyes and ears? Put them together and what have I got?
  • Mix and match the cutlery handles to form a cute character
  • Bowl shaped fork contain rolly food – nice for rice, brilliant for blueberries!
  • ‘Proper’ knife (not too sharp or blunt) at the correct angle to contact with the plate
  • Includes handy travel case

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 37 × 72 × 46 cm


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