Cobyhaus PE Playmat Pure Living Wooden Pony


This playmat is the PVC Playmat, which its material is already upgraded accordance with the provisions and standards of safety from the South Korean government. Still with the honeycomb embossing and interesting design that can be back and forth in accordance to the wishes of the parents. This playmat has been tested and passed international standards, such as CE, MC, SGS Tested and BPA Free.

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Cobyhaus PE Playmat Pure Living Wooden Pony terbuat dari bahan PE. Jenis playmat ini cocok untuk anak mulai usia newborn. Memiliki pelapis kedap air densitas tinggi untuk daya tahan maksimum. Playmat ini telah lulus kriteria keamanan & kualitas yang sangat ketat (Bebas BPA, Tidak Beracun) sehingga aman untuk si Kecil ☺☺
Ukuran: 200 x 130 x 1,5 cm
Berat: 8 Kg

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