Coby Haus Cobyhaus Fence Hello Kitty


Coby Haus Cobyhaus Fence Hello Kitty

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Providing the best facilities for children is the obligation of every parent. And having your own playground with the best level of security is the hope of every child. For this reason, we come with quality play fences and BPA Free materials. So it is safe for children.

Who doesn t love Hello Kitty? Introducing the new fence from Coby Haus, collaboration with Original Sanrio Hello Kitty.

Embark this motherhood journey with your all time favourite childhood characters.

Design : Hello Kitty
Color : Pink, Tosca
Material : Plastic BPA Free
Panel : 8 Panels 1 Door 1 Table
Weight : 28 Kg
Age : 0

Safety :
Made from BPA Free plastic which has guaranteed safety for children.
There is rubber suction at the bottom of the fence panel so that it is safer when your little one plays.
Have a table for eating or playing your little one.

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Weight 18 kg


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