BMola Air Purifier House Hold Bm150




b-Mola adalah Air Purifier yang membersihkan udara di dalam ruangan dan memproteksi kita dari segal polutan, virus dan bakteri yg ada di sekitar kita. Air purifier ini juga cocok untuk kita yg alergi debu, menghilangkan bau di sekitar ruangan misalkan bau rokok, bau cat setelah renovasi dan memproduksi usaha yg bersih dan sehat.

b-Mola 1701 mengcover area ± 30 m2

Benefits of NCCO
(Nano Confined Catalytic Oxidation) filter system
– disinfects and Deodorizes
– reduces the number of air changes.
– Effectively removes bacteria, viruses, and TVOCs (including formaldehyde)
– Protects health of employees-providing better working environment and increase in productivity.
– Collects allergent.
– Prevents inhalation of suspended particulates.
– Concentration of PM2.5 and ozone reaches IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) excellent class.

Where it can be used?
– Hospitals.
– Animal hospitals.
– Pharmaceutical industry.
– Care Homes
– Hotels and offices.
– Beauty clinic

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Weight 15 kg


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