Beauty Barn, Hair Gel Hair Fix 50gr (Gel Penata Rambut) Anak


Beauty Barn, Hair Gel Hair Fix 50gr (Gel Penata Rambut) Anak


Hair Gel berfungsi untuk menata rambut si kecil secara lembut dengan aroma buah yang segar. Kelebihannya dapat sekaligus melembabkan rambut yang halus.

98 terbuat dari bahan alami, non toxic, tanpa pewangi, tanpa parabens. Aman untuk bayi diatas 6 bulan, disukai anak anak yang pengen rambutnya ditata keren ala idola mereka : ) bisa juga dipakai orang dewasa. Favorit keluarga.

Active Ingredients:
Aloe Vera gel is very well known for its moisturizing and hair thickening properties
Honey is non toxic and has strong antibacterial effects. It is also a natural humectants to draw in water from the air.
Pink Grapefruit is an excellent hair tonic, prescribed by doctors for baldness treatment. It stimulates the hair follicles and helps in hair growth. It is also essential to maintain thick and strong hair and for treating dandruff.
Rosemary is great for stimulating hair growth, helps to darken hair follicle and keeps hair scalp in normal condition.

Natural Skin Care for Children

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